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App Pre-Authorizations

What is a pre-authorization?

First things first, what even is a pre-authorization? 

It is a feature exclusively on our app, Coastal Bloom, that is similar to a preorder. There are different reasons we recommend preauthorizing being an easy way to shop: 

1. Some items in high demand 

2. Limited quantities 

3. Custom Made

4. Special order

When you pre-authorize an item, you are giving CB permission to charge your card & ship your order once the item is restocked. 

How do I know when an item I preauthorized goes through?

You will receive a confirmation email once the order gets processed & the card attached will be charged.

Unless the item is final sale ie. custom pre-order, upcycled, etc, the order is like any other order in CB.

Can I edit or cancel an order once preauthorized?

Yes, you can cancel a preauthorization by removing from your waitlist entirely before the item is restocked.

Once the order gets processed, it can not be cancelled. You can send an item back for exchange or credit only. We are a small business, everything counts!❤️

For more info about our return policy,

Yes, you can edit. If you would like to swap the size or color of a preauthorization, you can delete the item and preauthorize again✨

We recommend checking your waitlist periodically😊

Where do I start?

To preauthorize an item:

1. Download our App, Coastal Bloom (available on all mobile devices)

2. Add your credit card on file by selecting the "shopping cart" icon in the top right corner

3. Find the item you are ready to preauthorize

4. Click "add to waitlist"

5. Swipe to Preauthorize

You WILL NOT be charged unless the order is processed - we have no way of charging your card otherwise.

Thank you for shopping with us!💛