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About Us

 I am also the owner, packer, shipper, floor sweeper and sometimes model of Coastal Bloom. I do get help from Nichol, when she remembers her schedule and shows up! LOL. In all seriousness, Nichol is the reason all merchandise is priced, well most of it anyways...

Coastal Bloom started as a spin-off of in 2015 when I was looking for a new space for my Flower Business, and found myself with more space than we needed!  The natural progression for me was expanding into jewelry and fashion, since they have always been my passion.

I have always loved finding beautiful but affordable clothing, after all I love clothes way too much to limit my purchases! And fashion moves so fast nowadays, that clothes that don't break your bank are a necessity.

In our store you will find current styles, at amazingly reasonable prices. They are the same brands seen in other shops, but simply we do not mark them up as high! Higher price does not always mean higher quality. And here, you'll be able to treat yourself without the guilt!

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