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Welcome to Coastal Bloom, a women-run and owned business proudly based in the sunny shores of Indialantic, FL. Our journey began within the petals of my wedding flower shop, WEDideas, where a humble jewelry table marked the inception of Coastal Bloom. From these small beginnings, we've flourished into the vibrant boutique that stands today.

During the challenges of lockdown, we pivoted swiftly, creating a digital presence with a website for Coastal Bloom, and later, an app. These digital avenues became the cornerstone of our growth, connecting us with fashion enthusiasts far and wide.

Driven by a passion for high-end fashion and a commitment to offering unparalleled quality at affordable prices, Coastal Bloom has become a beacon for like-minded individuals. We affectionately refer to ourselves as the CB Girls, a growing community of fashion aficionados who share our ethos.

What sets us apart isn't just our carefully curated collections; it's the bond we share as a tight-knit community. From spontaneous visits to our boutique to virtual gatherings and lively discussions in our Facebook group, our community extends beyond transactions. We're friends, confidantes, and style enthusiasts, navigating life's journey together in the most stylish way possible.

At Coastal Bloom, we're more than just a shop – we're a supportive community united by our love for fashion and camaraderie. Join us as we embark on this stylish adventure together.

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